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Study Abroad?

The Most
Comprehensive & Reliable
Student Exchange & Host-Care Program In the US
Designed to Cultivate Essentials Skills and Disciplines
For 21st Century.

Feel life a home with a right host family

Setting A New Standard of Excellence

Comprehensive Study and Living Arrangement

The Most Comprehensive

Host-care™ program at all levels
including K12 students,
colleges and universities and
professional, continuing education students with special needs & purpose of learning.

Work With You

  To Meet Your Budget & Special Needs

Comprehensive Host-Care™ Programs


Most comprehensive care for K-12 international students ranging from elementary to high school, home, meals, rides and all living arrangements

We’ll design the college-prep program to go beyond your limit and let you understand what’s ahead at US colleges and universities.


Your host-care parents do not just provide home for stay. They work with counselors to meet your special education needs.


Exchange Experience & Testimonials

I was so worried about leaving my country and coming to the United States by myself, but my host family took care of my worries right away. They were so nice and friendly and greeted me with big smiles when I arrived at their home. On the first night, they made a delicious dinner for me and I enjoyed their conversation very much. It was easy to learn more about them and about American life because they liked to talk a lot. I know that listening to them and talking with them helped my English skills a lot. 

One of my favorite memories about my host family is that they always treated me like one of their children.  I got to travel and go on vacations with them throughout California, so I felt very lucky.  My host family was also happy to help me with questions about my school work.  My parents are thankful to my American host family, and I am too. I really recommend Host-care program when you come to the United States.


Happy Student

We now have our Angel and our Star!  This program is so special. The education program counselors guided us through the process by providing educational materials, plus the way that students and families are matched is second to none!

Our first student returns to visit us each year and we are fortunate to have visited her in her home country. Her family has visited us here and we have visited them as well now. We have a real family in China! When we decided to host again two years later, she was part of the process in choosing another student to be part of our family.

We feel this host-care program is not for money and designed to host large number of students. It provide the most comprehensive education and cultral exchange program that makes a real difference.


Happy Host Parent

Host-Care™ Program You Can Trust



Experienced host-care family & counselors

sharing the experience of educating their children to leading universities, mentoring networks of parents and students to build life-long relationship.

comprehensive host-care program

Designed to serve small number of select students with high quality care program to unlock their potentials and meet their special needs.

Education for 21st century skills

More than sleep and stay.  All living arrangements including meals, ride and special education program to cultivate essential skills and disciplines of 21st century.

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